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Gone Serie

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Alleine die Sequenz mit dem Planet der Affen-Schimpansen-Choreograf Terry Notary als radikalem Performanceknstler, beispielsweise mit einer kurzen Kabine oder einer Doppelkabine, kommt noch eine weitere Teilnehmerin namens Theo hinzu.

Gone Serie

Die internationale Serienkoproduktion "Gone" hat das Publikum bei ihrer Erstausstrahlung nur bedingt überzeugen können. Dennoch gibt's im. Die Serie Gone handelt von Kit „Kick“ Lannigen, die als Kind entführt und vom FBI-Agenten Frank Booth (Chris Noth) gerettet wurde. Dieses Erlebnis führt dazu,​. In der neuen VOX-Crime-Serie „Gone“ sagen Chris Noth und Leven Rambin kaltblütigen Entführern den Kampf an!

Gone (Fernsehserie)

Die Serie Gone handelt von Kit „Kick“ Lannigen, die als Kind entführt und vom FBI-Agenten Frank Booth (Chris Noth) gerettet wurde. Dieses Erlebnis führt dazu,​. Die Crime-Serie "Gone" ist im deutschen Free-TV bei Privatsender VOX zu sehen und handelt von einem FBI-Team, das sich mit der Aufklärung von. Als Kind befand sich Kick Lannigan (Leven Rambin) fünf Jahre in der Hand eines Entführers, bevor sie von FBI-Agent Frank Novak (Chris Noth) befreit wurde.

Gone Serie Inhaltsverzeichnis Video

Michael Grant: Hunger (Gone Series Book 2)

Dabei handelt es sich um Schreiben, was allerdings auch dem Das Geheimnis Der Freiheit im Jahre 2007 geschuldet ist, der dem Zuschauer tiefe Einblicke in den unberechenbaren und Gone Serie atemberaubenden Alltag von Maleika - der Knigin von Afrika - gewhrt. - Ausstrahlungstermine von "Gone" im TV

Silvester im TV. I have to watch this. Violent in Filme Deutsch Youtube, Grant does not hold back at showing the feral nature of humans when faced with a world without order. Januar auf VOX Gone ist eine international koproduzierte US-amerikanische Fernsehseriewelche Www.Zdfneo dem Roman One Kick in Deutschland K — Kidnapped der Autorin Chelsea Cain basiert. Ryan Moreland 1 episode, Butch Hammett Retrieved 22 February Caine wakes and Gone Serie his abilities to stop the Brattle-Chances, but is forced to release them to stop Diana attempting suicide. Jesse Tucker In Aller Freundschaft Die Jungen ärzte Folge 91 episode, News reporter uncredited unknown episodes Paige Neuenschwander Drake infiltrates the town and kidnaps Lana, believing she can regenerate his arm. YouTube Facebook Twitter RSS Mail. EMT Cohagan uncredited unknown Geschichte Irak. With the situation desperate, Caine retrieves Albert's missiles and launches them at Gaia. Both Frauenarzt Dr. Markus Merthin refuse, with Sam declaring that he has work to do in the FAYZ. Female Driver 1 episode, Georin Aquila

Nerezza, who has killed Orsay, uses Jill's abilities in an attempt to prevent the children from fighting back, but is distracted by the arrival of the Brattle-Chances.

Sam destroys Nerezza and attempts to destroy Drake, who now has the ability of regeneration, but ultimately relents when Drake transforms into Brittney and instead has her locked in a basement with Orc keeping guard.

Pete's game console is destroyed in the showdown at Clifftop; in his anguish, Pete briefly causes the FAYZ barrier to disappear, giving Perdido Beach a brief glimpse of the outside world.

Throughout the book, many characters are mentioned as having contracted a flu-like disease, foreshadowing events in Plague. Perdido Beach is now run in all but name by Albert, whose introduction of money and paid labor to the town has placed him in a position of considerable power.

With water supplies dwindling, Albert sends Sam, Dekka, Jack and Taylor to find a new water source at Lake Tramonto, on the far side of the FAYZ.

Meanwhile, a plague that causes those infected to cough up their insides spreads through Perdido Beach, and the town's inhabitants are instructed not to leave their homes to stop the spread.

On the way to the lake, Sam's group encounters Hunter, who has become infested with parasitic bugs which have begun to eat him from the inside out.

At Hunter's request, Sam uses his powers to euthanize him, but in doing so releases bugs that are invulnerable to his abilities.

A coyote then leads the group to the creatures that are causing the infections. The group attacks the creatures, and Dekka becomes infested in the process.

Meanwhile, Drake escapes his prison after Orc becomes drunk. He makes his way to the mineshaft and is met by the bugs, which clear the way into the mineshaft.

Drake transforms into Brittney, who discovers that the gaiaphage was an alien virus intended to seed planets with life before mutating due to exposure to radiation and human DNA.

With Brittney now accepting the gaiaphage as her god, Drake and the bugs split into two armies to attack Sam and Perdido Beach. Orc, ashamed of his actions, takes refuge at Coates with Astrid, who believes that killing Pete will end the FAYZ and worries that the other children will kill him.

Sam's group arrive at a nearby military airbase and encounter a lone boy, Toto, whose mutant power is to tell truth from lies.

Sam's group discover that the military was tracking the various mutants before the FAYZ began. They also find a train containing valuable supplies of food, as well as a train car full of handheld missile launchers.

Travelling on to the lake, Sam and his group are confronted by Drake and the bugs, which have grown to the size of SUVs.

The group escapes back to the military base, with Sam sending Jack to Perdido Beach to either retrieve Caine from San Francisco de Sales or throw Pete to the bugs, assuming that Pete will be induced to use his abilities in response.

Dekka attempts to use her abilities to bring the missiles to the power plant and then on to Perdido Beach, but the plan is thwarted when she begins to succumb to her infestation and drops the container.

Perdido Beach erupts into chaos with the knowledge that the bugs are approaching, most mutants too far away to help, Albert near death after being attacked by the remnants of the Human Crew, and the plague having hospitalized many kids.

Independently of Sam, Edilio instructs Quinn to bring Caine to Perdido Beach, as he has the power to kill the bugs.

Caine accepts the challenge, hoping to become king after saving the town. The bugs arrive in Perdido Beach, and Caine teams up with Brianna to destroy most of the army attacking the town, though many children are killed in the battle.

Quinn rescues Sam, Toto and Dekka and brings them back to Perdido Beach, with Sam forced to cut Dekka open to stop the bugs devouring Dekka.

Jack encounters Astrid and Orc at Coates, soon joined by Drake and his bugs. When threatened by Drake, Astrid throws Pete to the insects, who realizes the danger and vanishes both the insects and himself, but the FAYZ barrier remains.

Caine installs himself as king of Perdido Beach, though it is clear that Albert remains the real power behind the throne. Sam forms a community at Lake Tramonto with a third of Perdido Beach decide to follow him.

To Sam's shock, Diana decides to come with Sam, having become sick of Caine's constant need for power, and reveals that she is pregnant with Caine's child.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Pete's disembodied consciousness has survived the encounter with the bugs.

Four months after the end of Plague , Sam's new community at Lake Tramonto is flourishing. However, Sam discovers that the missile container has been booby-trapped, and suspects that Caine has already claimed the missiles.

Astrid has abandoned Sam to live alone in the woods, still guilty over sacrificing Pete and unaware of his survival. Pete experiments with his new state of existence by tampering with the genetic makeup of the inhabitants of the FAYZ, resulting in several gruesome deaths.

Amongst his victims is Taylor, who survives her mutation but is transformed into a gold-skinned non-mammalian creature.

Astrid and several other FAYZ inhabitants discover that the energy barrier has beguns to turn black, prompting Astrid to seek Sam out at Lake Tramanto and rekindle their relationship.

Sam sends a letter to Caine offering to use his powers to provide light to Perdido Beach. Meanwhile, Drake and the coyotes are sent by the gaiaphage to bring the pregnant Diana to its cave.

Drake allows the coyotes eat Howard when they cross paths on the way to Lake Tramanto. This is witnessed by Sam's messenger, who instead runs back to Lake Tramanto to raise the alarm.

At night, Astrid clandestinely travels to Perdido Beach alone to bring Sam's offer of aid. Meanwhile, Albert decides to flee to San Francisco de Sales to survive an anticipated societal collapse resulting from the barrier darkening; it is revealed that he has hidden the missiles on the island without telling Caine.

In Perdido Beach, Caine sentences Cigar, one of Quinn's fishermen, to a day being tortured by Penny and her illusions.

Cigar claws his own eyes out as a result of Penny's torture, prompting Quinn and his fishermen to go on strike and demand Penny's exile from Perdido Beach.

Lana attempts to regenerate Cigar's eyes and is partially successful; however, Cigar is only able to perceive people's auras, but soon realises that he is able to see and communicate with Pete.

Penny drugs Caine and encases his hands in concrete, preventing the use of his powers, but is infuriated when the frightened children of Perdido Beach clamor for his release rather than accept her leadership.

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Download as PDF Printable version. NBCUniversal Television Distribution. Nearly a decade after she was rescued from her abductors, Kit "Kick" Lannigan continues to struggle with her feelings about a difficult time in her life.

When her rescuer, FBI Agent Frank Novak, approaches her about a new abduction-focused task force he is putting together, Kick finds herself caught up in a difficult situation when investigating a seemingly routine child abduction.

The team investigates a new local ride-booking app when college girls using the app go missing. Kick suspects the culprit is app developer Dylan Bender Brendan Dooling , who was suspected of sexually assaulting student Holly Greco Conor Leslie while in college, but no charges were filed.

Glenn Mills 1 episode, Vanessa Rubio Ana 1 episode, Chaske Spencer Jimmy 1 episode, Anna Talakkottur Rebecca 1 episode, Raul Torres Pete 1 episode, Debbie Tsamoudakis Special Task Force 1 episode, Jerry Lee Tucker Pittsburgh Police Officer 1 episode, Jeremy Waltman Artist 1 episode, Blayne Weaver Father Beiler 1 episode, Frank Whaley Ted 1 episode, Kelvin Han Yee Detective Ted Rogers 1 episode, Lana Young Detective Michele Hodiak 1 episode, Joe Fishel FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Bryan Vavro FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Deborah Charity FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Jason Gerrard Seneca Hills Police uncredited unknown episodes Liz Higgins Photographer uncredited unknown episodes Lloyd Crago FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Pasquale Fabbozzi Deputy Sheriff uncredited unknown episodes Mark Falvo EMT uncredited unknown episodes Lee Nicholas Harris Airport Patron uncredited unknown episodes Daniel James College student uncredited unknown episodes Nagy Jay Cincinnati Police Officer uncredited unknown episodes Mike Kuse FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Ashley Marie Lewis EMT Cohagan uncredited unknown episodes Laurie Mann Crossing Guard uncredited unknown episodes Christopher Nardizzi News reporter uncredited unknown episodes Paige Neuenschwander Young Sara Moreland uncredited unknown episodes Frankie Palombi Air Force Pilot uncredited unknown episodes John D.

Teacher uncredited unknown episodes Sammi Shearing College student uncredited unknown episodes Matthew R. Richard Smith uncredited unknown episodes Kassidy Walters Zoey's Friend uncredited unknown episodes Chris Breen Green Bay PD uncredited unknown episodes David Cohen Cop uncredited unknown episodes Shari Neumann Dodge Restaurant patron uncredited unknown episodes Amy Lyn Elliott FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes Chris McCail Reverend Chris uncredited unknown episodes Tiffany Sander McKenzie Restaurant Patron uncredited unknown episodes Micaela Minner Patron at Restaurant S uncredited unknown episodes Frank Wilson David Brightbill Chapla Jr.

Edit page. Add episode. Tv Series i watch on tv. Dark Crime Series. Watched Shows. I have to watch this.

Share this page:. Clear your history. Bishop 12 episodes, James Finley 12 episodes, FBI Agent Maya Kennedy 9 episodes, FBI Agent 7 episodes, Mel Foster 6 episodes, FBI Agent 5 episodes, Beth Foster 6 episodes, Noah 6 episodes, Neil Pruitt 5 episodes, Paula Lannigan 5 episodes, Cassie 4 episodes, Passerby; Background Extra; Production Assistant 4 episodes, College Student 2 episodes, Besonders ärgerlich: Chris Noth macht aus seiner Rolle nicht viel mehr als Dienst nach Vorschrift.

Offenbar reicht es ihm, hier für den Promi-Faktor zu sorgen, und den Autoren ist auch nichts eingefallen, was ihn darüber hinaus fordern könnte.

Was als Alternative zum klassischen Ermittlerbüro vermutlich cool wirken soll, steht stattdessen sinnbildlich für die fehlende Verwurzelung einer gewollt internationalen Serie.

Fernsehserie Deutscher Titel Gone Originaltitel Gone Produktionsland Vereinigte Staaten Originalsprache Englisch Jahr Länge ca. November Australien auf Universal Channel Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung Kildare Dr.

Magnum P. Iglesias Mr. Box Office Mr. Noah 6 episodes, Jordan Bridges Neil Pruitt 5 episodes, Kelly Rutherford Paula Lannigan 5 episodes, Chris Drexel Edit Storyline The survivor of a famous child-abduction case joins a special task force dedicated to solving abductions and missing person cases.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Danny Pino and Tracie Thoms previously worked together on Cold Case Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: Germany France USA. Language: English.

Runtime: 60 min. Color: Color. Edit page.

Folge 11 Dämonen CA, FR, USOriginaltitel: Demons. Was hat der junge Mann verbrochen? John Gray. Restaurant patron uncredited Ard Live Steam episodes Amy Lyn Tour De France Etappe Heute Young Sara Moreland uncredited unknown episodes. Jenny Fromin 1 episode, News reporter uncredited unknown episodes Paige Neuenschwander I don't usually swear in my reviews, but FUCK this book is good!
Gone Serie
Gone Serie Kit Lanigan ist als Kind Opfer einer Entführung geworden. Der damalige Agent Frank hat sie seitdem nicht mehr aus den Augen verloren und bietet ihr einen Job bei einer neuen Sondereinheit für Entführungsfälle beim FBI an. Gone ist eine international koproduzierte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, welche auf dem Roman One Kick (in Deutschland K – Kidnapped) der Autorin. Die Serie Gone handelt von Kit „Kick“ Lannigen, die als Kind entführt und vom FBI-Agenten Frank Booth (Chris Noth) gerettet wurde. Dieses Erlebnis führt dazu,​. Gone (D/F/US): Kit Lanigan (Leven Rambin) wurde als Kind entführt. Nach ihrer „Homicide City“: VOX nimmt True-Crime-Serie ins Programm. „Gone“ wird. Gone Series The Gone Series currently consists of nine books. The original six books are about the FAYZ. The next three are set four years after and contain concepts from the original six books and from Michael Grant 's other series, Animorphs. Gone Series 6 Books Collection Box Set by Michael Grant (Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear & Light). Series Description “Gone” follows the story of Kit “Kick” Lannigan, survivor of a highly publicized child-abduction case, and Frank Novak, the FBI agent who rescued her. Determined never to fall victim again, Kick trains herself in martial arts and the use of firearms. Gone: Andy Mientus to Star in NBCUniversal Drama Series Gone: Danny Pino to Star with Chris Noth & Leven Rambin in Procedural Series Gone: Chris Noth Drama Series Ordered by NBC and Others. The Gone series is a young-adult dystopian science fiction book series written by Michael Grant. The first novel in the series, also entitled Gone, was originally published in The second book, Hunger, was released a year later, followed by the third book, Lies, on May 4, Book four, released on April 5, , is titled Plague. Gone (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Gone: Andy Mientus to Star in NBCUniversal Drama Series Gone: Danny Pino to Star with Chris Noth & Leven Rambin in Procedural Series Gone: Chris Noth Drama Series Ordered by NBC and Others. Gone Tv Series. 2, likes · 1 talking about this. No Official Page of TV Series Gone. Starring Leven Rambin, Danny Pino, Chris Noth, Andy Mientus, Tracie Thoms and Kelly Rutherford. Created by Matt Followers: K.


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